AVW10 -10th Aquatic Virus Workshop- June 27-July 1, 2021 Kyoto, Japan

Special Issue of AVW10 “Viruses in the Aquatic Realm”

Call for papers : Special Issue of AVW10 “Viruses in the Aquatic Realm”
Journal: Microbes and Environments (https://www.microbes-and-environments.jp/)
Journal features; international, peer-reviewed, open access journal, and reasonable in price
Deadline of submission: September 30, 2021
Editorial board:

  • SE (Scientific Eiditor): Ken Takai, Takuro Nunoura
  • AE (Associate Editor): Keizo Nagasaki, Takashi Yoshida, Fumito Maruyama
  • The deadline of submission is “September 30, 2021”
  • When submitting, clearly indicate in the cover letter that the manuscript is a contribution to the AVW10 Special Issue.
  • For a corresponding author, who is a member of Japanese Society of Microbial Ecology (JSME), the article processing charge is 60,000 JPY per article.
  • For a nonmember corresponding author, the article processing charge is 140,000 JPY per article.
  • The annual membership fee of JSME for overseas member is 11,000 JPY/yr (general member) or 6,000 JPY/yr (students). Thus, it is strongly recommended to join JSME for those who are willing to publish a paper in the SI. Please note only bank transfer is available for paying the membership fee; credit cards are not accepted. For article processing charge, credit cards are accepted.
  • For the nonmember authors responsible for the first seven accepted papers, 60,000 JPY will be compensated (once per person) from AVW10. Here, the first author or the corresponding author must be a participant of AVW10.
  • Young members of JSME should know the “Young Scientist Campaign in COVID-19 Pandemic 2020”: First-authored or Co-first-authored manuscripts by young members of JSME accepted before June 30, 2021, receive a 50% discount on the publication fee (discount of the regular membership fee from 60,000 JPY to 30,000 JPY). Please refer to https://www.microbes-and-environments.jp/young-scientist-campaign-in-covid-19-pandemic-2020/ for more information.